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Basic Services Client Contract


                            Sanibel Home Watch Property 

Address: _________________________________________________________________________    

                                     Land Line Phone:_____________________________    

                         Client Billing and Contact Information 

Client: ___________________________________________________________________________    

Address: _________________________________________________________________________    


City: ____________________________________ State: _______________ Zip: ________________    

Cell phone:_______________________________  Cell Phone _______________________________    

Email: ___________________________________ Email: ___________________________________

                                 Land Line Phone:_____________________________    

                             Secondary Emergency Contact 




City: ____________________________________ State:_______________ Zip: _________________    

Home phone:_____________________________ Cell Phone________________________________    

                                      Email: ___________________________________

Your Preferred Service Vendors 

HVAC: ________________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Lawn Service: __________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Pool Service: ___________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Plumber: ______________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Electrician: _____________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Pest Control: ___________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Handyman: ____________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Other: ________________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Other: ________________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Other: ________________________________________________    Tel: _________________________

Basic Services Performed by Sanibel Home Watch, LLC 


Check for mail. Arrange dispersal with client if required. 
Check home for general condition and cleanliness. 
Visually inspect doors and windows to ensure they are secure. Check for forced entry, damage, and vandalism. 
Verify air conditioner is operating at client’s desired setting. Temperature recorded. 
Turn main water valve on for testing water outlets as necessary (not every visit).. 
Run water in all sinks, tubs, and showers as necessary (not every visit). 
Check under plumbing fixture fittings, where visible, for leaks. 
Toilets will be flushed to ensure trap is full of water and assure tank filler stops running as necessary (not every visit). 
Check that main water valve is turned off after each inspection. (NOT street main) 
NOTE: Water must be turned off when house is vacant. 
Check for signs of obvious water leaks from interior sources; i.e. hot water heater, interior plumbing (including visible mold or mildew). 
Verify refrigerator and freezer are operating. We cannot guarantee unit(s) have not had power disconnected and then restored due to power outages. 
Check for signs of obvious water leaks from exterior sources such as the roof, walls, windows or door frames. 
Verify electric water heater breaker is turned off. 
Check for visual evidence of insects or pests. 
Enable home alarm on exiting (if necessary). 
Your home will be fully secured upon completion of the inspection. 


Visual inspection of homes exterior for damage or required repairs by walking around the entire home. 
Visually check all windows, doors, and entryways for any signs of vandalism or attempted forced entry. 
Visually check air conditioning overflow pipes for mold buildup or other abnormalities. 
    (proper condensate flow cannot always be observed) 
Visually inspect exterior stucco or siding for mold, mildew or other abnormalities. 
Visually inspect exterior for obvious signs of rodent and insect intrusion. 
Visually inspect pool for signs of non-service. 
Visually check pool cage/screens/lanai for obvious signs of damage or disrepair. 
Visually inspect lawn, shrubs, and plantings. 
Dispose of all flyers, newspapers or other debris that may be on driveway, sidewalk or porches. 

Events Requiring Immediate Attention 
If Sanibel Home Watch LLC becomes aware of a condition at the client’s property that needs immediate attention Sanibel Home Watch LLC will make every reasonable effort to resolve, lessen or temporarily halt any ongoing damage to the property at the owner’s expense. Following mitigation, we will make every reasonable effort to contact the client or his alternate contact to inform them of the situation. 

Client Reporting After Each Inspection 
You will receive notification of the inspection results as follows: 
An e-mail will be sent to you within 48 hrs. of an uneventful inspection notifying you of our inspection. 

In the event of a problem that requires attention, you or your representative will be notified by phone. 
NOTE: If the event is ongoing and requires immediate attention we will act directly to prevent 
           further damages. 
After discussing the issue with you and reviewing your list of preferred vendors, and with your approval, we will arrange for the appropriate professional to review, estimate and then make the appropriate repairs. If you do not have a preference, we will contact a professional for you. These extra services will be billed directly to you by the repairing professional after we have verified the accuracy of their invoice. 

                                              Fee Schedule and Payment Information 

It is understood and agreed that Sanibel Home Watch, LLC will provide the “Basic Services” for the above-described home watch property. 

The frequency of this “Basic Service” shall be: 
    1 inspection     (      )Every week     (      )Every 2 weeks     (      )Every month 
    Costs:              $ 30 per house         $ 35 per house           $ 40 per house 
                            $ 25 condo               $ 30 per condo           $ 35 per condo 

The first inspection shall begin on the week of ___________________________________ 

Sanibel Home Watch, LLC bills generally every 2 months. 

 Check — Must be received by due date. A $25 fee will be charged for all returned checks in addition to bank fees levied for all returned checks. There is a 7 day grace period after the due date.


Services: Home watch service is intended to identify possible problems with Client’s property and notify Client of any issues. Sanibel Home Watch, LLC will provide basic home watch services as agreed upon in this Contract. Concierge and any additional services requested by client will be an addendum to this Contract. If requested by the client, Sanibel Home Watch, LLC will arrange for additional home maintenance, repair, or remodeling through qualified vendors with fees to be negotiated with the Client. Sanibel Home Watch, LLC is an independent contractor and is not an employee of the Client. 

Termination of Contract: Either party may terminate this Contract with written notice. Client shall be responsible for paying fees for contracted services occurring prior to Sanibel Home Watch, LLC receiving client’s written notice of termination. Said fees shall be payable within ten (10) days of contract termination. Sanibel Home Watch, LLC will be responsible for the timely return of Keys, gate passes, or opening devices belonging to the client. 

Indemnification: The client shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless Sanibel Home Watch, LLC, their officers, partners, agents, or employees against all claims, actions or lawsuits in connection to injuries to third persons or property damage suffered by others whomsoever arising out of or in connection with the services described in this agreement. This obligation to defend, indemnify and hold harmless applies irregardless if the injuries or damages were caused by the joint fault of Sanibel Home Watch LLC, their officers, partners, agents or employees. Client is responsible for carrying adequate homeowners insurance to protect the interest of all parties hereto. 

Limitation of Liability: Sanibel Home Watch, LLC will not be responsible for property damage, missing or swapped out items, damaged or stolen personal property under any circumstances including but not limited to theft, vandalism, negligence of invited or uninvited individuals, or acts of nature.

Confidentiality: Sanibel Home Watch, LLC agrees to keep private and confidential all information collected on this form. Sanibel Home Watch, LLC further agrees to keep private and confidential all information about the client or the property described in this agreement coincidently obtained during home inspections 

Acknowledgments and Approvals: 

    1. Client and Sanibel Home Watch, LLC both agree that the information provided by the client is 
              understood and agreed upon. 

    2. Client is responsible for the accuracy of the information furnished to Sanibel Home Watch,LLC. 

    3. This document confirms the approval for access to the Client’s property for home watch services. 

    4. Any emergency will be handled by Sanibel Home Watch as described in this agreement. 

Additional Information 
Sanibel Home Watch, LLC cannot protect Client’s home from break-in, thefts, vandalism, or other acts of nature. Should any such event occur, we will immediately attempt to stabilize the problem, contact and discuss the problem with Client, and follow Client’s subsequent requests upon agreement of fees. 

Sanibel Home Watch, LLC will cover unexpected reasonable costs up to $100 incurred from remediating urgent events or problems at Client’s property. The Client agrees to reimburse Sanibel Home Watch LC for those costs. 

Keys, passes, codes and device openers are required before Sanibel Home Watch, LLC begins home watch services outlined in this agreement. 

Additional services may be added at any future date with a written and signed change order addendum which will spell out the conditions and fees prior to work being accomplished. 

I have read and received a copy of this Service contract and understand and accept its terms. 

Date: _______________________     Client(s):____________________________________


Date: _______________________     By:________________________________________

                                                                                Sanibel Home Watch, LLC 
                                                                                (239) 410-7566