Home Watch Checklist

Home Watch Services

Sanibel Home Watch Services & Procedures

​​​​​​Basic Services - performed by Sanibel Home Watch LLC -


Check for mail.  Arrange dispersal with client if necessary

Check home for general condition and cleanliness.

Visually inspect doors and windows checked to ensure they are secure, and  check for forced entry, damage, and vandalism.

Check air conditioner for operation and client’s desired setting.  

Turn main water valve on for testing water outlets as necessary (not every visit). 

Run water in all sinks, tubs and showers when necessary to ensure waste traps are full (not every visit).

Visually check under fixtures fittings for leaks.

Toilets will be flushed to ensure trap is full of water and tank filler stops running as necessary (not every visit).

Ensure that main water valve is turned off after each inspection. (NOT street main)

            NOTE: Water must be turned off when house is vacant.

Visually check for signs of obvious water leaks from interior sources (i.e. hot water heater, interior plumbing) to include mold or mildew.

Verify refrigerator and freezer are operating. (We cannot guarantee unit(s) have not had power disconnected and then restored due to power outages.)

Visually check for signs of obvious water leaks from exterior sources such as the roof, walls, windows or door frames.

Verify electric water heater breaker is turned off. 

Check for visual evidence of insects or pests.

Enable home alarm on exiting (if necessary).

Your home will be fully secured upon completion of interior inspection.


Visual inspection of homes exterior for damage or required repairs by walking around the entire home.  

Visually check all windows, doors and entryways for any signs of vandalism or attempted forced entry.

Visually check air conditioning overflow pipes for mold buildup or other abnormalities. (proper condensate flow cannot aways be observed)

Visually inspect exterior stucco or siding for mold, mildew or other abnormalities. 

Visually inspect exterior for obvious signs of rodent and insect intrusion.

Visually inspect pool for signs of non-service.

Visually check pool cage/screens/lanai for obvious signs of damage or disrepair.

Visually inspect lawn, shrubs and plantings.     

Dispose of all flyers, newspapers or other debris that may be on driveway, sidewalk or porches.


You will receive notification of the inspection results as follows: 

    An e-mail will be sent to you within 48 hrs. of a non-eventful inspection notifying you of our inspection. 


In the event of a problem that requires attention: 

We will arrange for the appropriate professional to review, estimate and then make the appropriate repairs after your approval. If you do not have a preference, we will contact a professional for you. These extra services will be billed directly to you by the repairing  professional after we have verified the accuracy of their invoice. ​

If the event is ongoing and requires immediate rectification  we will act directly to prevent further damages as quickly as possible. You or your representative will then be notified by phone.