Why use Sanibel Home Watch ?

We take a professional and ethical approach to our work.  There is only one way to something - The Right Way!   No cutting corners.


We apply our many years of expertise and experience to every aspect of our business.  

We are able to tell you what may be a problematic issue with your home now or in the future.  Plus we will explain to you what your options are for an appropriate remedy.

We have the professional abilities to contact, organize and supervise the right professionals to accomplished any work that needs to be on your home.

Marco                       Hugh

Marco Dumont: 

I have 40 years of experience  of operating my own design/build residential construction business and I am now retired and a full time Sanibel resident. 

Hugh Cochran : 

I am a retired 29 yr. veteran  Special Agent for the FBI with experience in all aspects of security and police procedures. I am a 45 yr. resident of Florida.